Indiegogo Campaign Launched For Post-Production, “Twice As Shy”

Post-Production Campaign For Queer Werewolf Horror Short Film Announced

One Eyed Max & KQ Pictures, in association with DDH Productions, and Quinten Williams, have launched an Indiegogo to raise funds for post-production for their queer horror werewolf short film, Twice As Shy.

One Eyed Max & KQ Pictures, in association with DDH Productions and Quinten Williams, are raising post-production contributions for their latest short film, Twice As Shy, through the rewards crowd funding platform, Indiegogo This LGBTQ+ horror short film is the thesis film for Writer/Director, Anjelica Hymel. Her web series, The Dark Room, has been received with industry applause. In addition to Anjelica, Traycee King (known for the zombie webseries, 8.13 & Sloppy Seconds), is producing in Los Angeles. Known for Directing and Producing, To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story and Producing found-footage horror/thriller, They’re Inside, openly gay horror filmmaker, Derek Dennis Herbert, has signed-on as a Producer with his Las Vegas production company, DDH Productions. Derek signed on after hearing the passion in Anjelica’s voice for telling this story and the desire to work on such a passion project. In addition, Quinten Williams (known for Luciana and Ryan and James Take a Wrong Turn) is producing for his own company.

The campaign sets out to raise at least $10,000 to help with finishing costs for this UCLA thesis film. The $10,000 includes costs associated with coloring, an original score, and film festival entrance fees. The short film shot on the UCLA campus in November 2023 and is making its way through post-production. We need your help so this story can be finished and the story can be released.

This story is: Rick supports his lifelong friend, Jack, during his first full moon as a werewolf. They are equipped with breathing exercises and a cage made of silver so that Jack can transform without hurting his friend. As the stress of the upcoming transformation arises and Jack lets his anger out on Rick, Rick lets out his own frustration on Jack about feeling rejected after they slept together two months prior. As their argument reaches its peak, Jack painfully transforms and Rick realizes the protective cage is unlocked.

In addition to the queer horror aspects, this film uses werewolfism as a metaphor for anxiety (something most people can relate to in one way or another.) In addition, heartbreak is a universal experience that can help tie everyone to the story.

Starring in the film are Cole Sitilides as Rick and Zach Chasen as Jack. Additional crew consists of DP, Angelica Gonzalez, and SFX makeup by Emily Rice-Slothower.

The campaign offers downloadable posters and behind the scenes pictures for your contributions. The campaign has only 44 days left so urgency in contributions are appreciated.

DDH Productions was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is the brainchild of Derek Dennis Herbert and Diego Israel Neira. DDH Productions is a production company, focused on everything Derek Dennis Herbert creates (horror or otherwise.) “We want to bring cult phenomenon to mainstream audiences. Horror is in our blood; it’s a way of life, not just movies!” (Derek Dennis Herbert, Co-Founder of DDH Productions)

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