Black Mandala Presents the Horror Thriller STAY SAFE

Black Mandala presents a horror-thriller about a Pandemic Hotzone, “STAY SAFE”, directed by Carlos V. Gutierrez; starring Shameless star Kate Miner and The Rookie’s Jason Canela.

The virus has mutated. The world is evolving. The last line of defense is the first response on the front lines. Eva is a US Navy pandemic doctor on a mission to assist in the fight against the deadly disease. Her evening with her boyfriend, Patricio is interrupted when a woman, Isabel, screams for help, trying to escape from the military police during the curfew. She desperately begs to be let in. Against Patricio’s better judgment, Eva takes in Isabel.

What began as a gesture of goodwill turns into a series of nightmares and hallucinations, leading to Eva’s deterioration and her loved ones questioning her sanity. All signs lead Eva to believe there is a life inside her in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. Unbeknownst to Eva, all is being carefully orchestrated by Isabel, a female demon with only one purpose, to cause infidelity and misfortune. Eva must gather the clues in her nightmares if she has any chance to exorcise Isabel from her home for good.

Director: Carlos V. Gutierrez
Script: David Gregg, Gia Neri, Rolando Viñas, Clarence Williams IV
Cast: Kate Miner, Jason Canela, Katalina Viteri, Chip Lane and Alexandra Pica
Cinematography: Hernan Herrera
Music: White Stork
Producer: Daniela Delfino

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