‘The Bigfoot Experience: Truth Seekers and Real Encounters’ Coming to VOD platforms July 30th from Bayview Entertainment

The Bigfoot Experience: Truth Seekers and Real Encounters comes to VOD platforms on July 30, 2024 from Bayview Entertainment. 

The discovery of Bigfoot would be a momentous event with far-reaching implications for science, conservation, and society. It would challenge our understanding of the natural world and force us to confront the mysteries that still exist within it. For those who have encountered these legendary creatures, the emotional scars run deep, and their testimonials make one thing clear: that they truly exist. Whether Bigfoot is ever discovered remains to be seen, but the quest to unravel its secrets continues.

DIRECTED BY: J. Michael Long
STARRING: J. Michael Long

The Bigfoot Experience: Truth Seekers and Real Encounters on IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt32373519/

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