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Welcome to Horror Tales, a podcast in which you can sit back and listen to a scary story of one of today’s horror authors. Each episode is narrated and produced by Max Ablitzer with original music and custom sound effects to bring the story to life.

Ep. 01. The Wallpaperman

In this first episode Horror Tales you will hear the scary story of Nick who moves into an old house by the coast. There is a strange demon-like creature living inside the walls that haunts Nick who will have to confront it.

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Ep. 02. The Mosaic

In the second episode of Horror Tales you will hear a creepy story about Natalia who worries about her mother being too involved with a strange art project. And indeed the mosaic harbors something dark and evil within its tiles.

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Ep. 03. Transmission

In the third episode of Horror Tales you follow Max who tries to run from the smudge of his past through the vast Nevada desert as the radio of his car picks up strange noises that Max will investigate in the desert night. An audio drama full of mystery and cosmic horror.

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“I’m an avid radio and podcast listener, mostly of documentary or true crime shows, but also of a few fiction productions – and Horror Tales is simply the most gripping, most nicely produced I ever heard; Can’t wait for the next issue!”

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One thought on “HORROR TALES

  1. Horror Tales one of my new “go-to’s” for horror fiction listening. Very good writers, and excellent production! I highly recommend.

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