Some things are just not meant to be…

Jasmine is a bright, popular teenage girl doing her best to navigate all the struggles of adolescence. Her father’s unexpected passing has made her rebellious and resentful toward anyone outside of her immediate circle. Disobedience has driven a wedge between her and her mother, and it ultimately leads to Jasmine’s departure to her grandmother’s house, where mysterious events start to unfold. Her boyfriend Jake, the school’s top athlete and the person she trusts the most, is in denial until terrifying occurrences place fear into his heart of steel.

Unaware of the peculiar circumstances, Jasmine’s best friend Katelyn escapes a violent relationship and travels to visit Jasmine. On arrival, she becomes deeply involved in the mayhem. Jake and Jasmine’s other childhood friends are also pulled into the spine-chilling drama. Soon, cracks of connivance and betrayal are exposed in the group when the situation becomes rife with danger.

All the escalating ghastly events Jasmine and her friends must face are related to the secret of the soul-stripping Overleden—a secret that has been kept obscure for thousands of years. Find out the mystery behind the secret, discover why it was clandestine, and behold the darkness of its unprecedented power.

The Overleden: Hell On Earth
An upcoming horror novel that will terrorize your soul and make your worst nightmares come to life. Halloween is just around the corner.

A living nightmare of a horror novel ready to chill you to the bone. Terror strikes 10-30-18.

An upcoming horror novel that will terrorize your soul and make your worst nightmares come to life. Better sleep now. The Fright begins 10-30-18

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The planet Aquant, located on the outer edge of the Andromeda galaxy, is on the verge of facing an unimaginable, extraordinary event that will bring extreme peril to the planet. Something is causing the planet and its neighboring celestial bodies to lose their gravitational pull from the solar system’s sole sun. Rogue meteors and strange weather have incited hysteria among the Aquantians as they confront the possibility of extinction. The leader of the planet, The Moah, also discovers that a rebel group known as Laggards are taking advantage of the dire situation to pounce on the greatest heist in the history of Aquant. They are leaving nothing but death and destruction behind them. The doughty monarch has never endured so many crises throughout his entire reign. Will The Moah’s top Sky Watcher scientist be able to devise a plan to stop the planet’s demise? Will The Moah’s estranged son Ryon put aside the past to come to the rescue—even if it means working with his brother Aken, leader of the Laggards?

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About author Terence Simmons

Hi, my name is Terence Simmons. I am an EXTREMELY passionate space/science and horror enthusiast. I’m a horror fanatic. My ardor for horror and things that scare can be felt through my writing.

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