Interview with “Silver Stars on Red Velvet” Filmmaker RJ Cusyk

Writer and director RJ Cusyk is known for movies like “Through the Devil’s Eyes” (2014), “Keeping Justice” (2017) and “A Final Hit” (2015). Now he’s working on his next hit movie, “Silver Stars on Red Velvet.” We got a chance to talk to him about the movie, where the idea came from, his surprise while casting, and more…

-PH: So you’re working on finishing “Silver Stars on Red Velvet.” What’s it about?

-RJ: Silver Stars on Red Velvet is about a photographer and an adult film star who witness a hit and run. As the film progresses, they begin to learn that there is a correlation between that and something far more sinister taking place within the adult film industry.

-PH: It seems to have an interesting title, can you explain it and what it means to the story?

-RJ: The title is an homage to Dario Argento’s Four Flies on Grey Velvet, in our film, the silver stars are the adult film actresses and the red velvet is blood.

-PH: Where did the idea for the movie come from?

-RJ: The story came about due to a conversation I had with a former girlfriend. I mentioned if she ever cheated on me that I would date an adult film star because at least I’d know I was being cheated on. The idea seemed a bit comical to me so I began writing a script in which a guy does date an adult film star after his girlfriend cheats on him. I wasn’t sure where to take the script outside of that concept but while writing it, it slowly blossomed into a giallo.

-PH: You mentioned that it’s a giallo film. Is this the first time you’ve done a movie in this style?

-RJ: It’s actually my second. The first one I did was called Through the Devil’s Eyes. I decided very early on in my career that I’d make another giallo every few years to test my progression as a filmmaker.

-PH: In the trailer it’s says, “A Film so Offensive 23 Actors Refused to Be a Part of It.” Is there anything you can tell us about the story behind this phrase?

-RJ: Well, most people tend to believe that actors are extremely open minded individuals. I sent several actors I worked with previously the script and many of them deemed the script too offensive. As a filmmaker, I don’t believe anything is off the table so set out to find a new cast. Even the actors that were picked during auditions declined to be a part of the film due to it being too offensive. Thus, we had to set out and schedule a second set of auditions, this time telling everyone upfront that the film has been considered offensive, a few immediately left, while the others auditioned and we were able to cast the film.

-PH: Speaking of actors, tell us a little about the actors who are actually a part of film, and their performances.

-RJ: Max Caudell and I have actually worked together before on Keeping Justice. He was the first person to read the script and just hop aboard the train. Max has also been a part of In His Steps, If by 40 and Edge of Insanity. This is Laura Sharlotte’s first lead role in a feature film, she immediately fell in love with the character of Madelyne. Both of them play their parts really well, completely understanding their characters and each other.

-PH: Does the film have a release date yet? Will it be in theaters, DVD, and/or VOD?

-RJ: We’re looking to release the film this October. It will have a limited theatrical release, followed by a DVD release.

-PH: You both wrote and directed the movie. Is it easier when you fill both those roles, or would you prefer to do just one?

-RJ: I prefer both roles, mostly due to knowing a character’s motivation and knowing answers to actor’s questions as opposed to just guessing.

-PH: You’ve done a few movies now. What are some of your thoughts before one of your movies is played for audiences? Nervous, excited…

-RJ: Every single time I feel like puking and hiding in the bathroom until the movie is over. I have watched the movie 80+ times and know every flaw, I’m nervous about the crowd’s reaction, will they enjoy it or will they form a mob and chase me to the old windmill?

-PH: Why horror? When did you first discover a love for horror?

-RJ: Slasher films are cheap to make and in the modern era, there are more places to promote them. However, I have always had a deep love for horror films. My mom and sister would constantly introduce me to new films. I remember staying the night at my sister’s house and her showing me The Gate. I recall my parents showing me Scream, From Dusk Til Dawn, and Halloween.

-PH: Did you ever imagine making horror films?

-RJ: Yes, as soon as I knew that making a movie was a job that people could have, I immediately decided that I was going to do it for the rest of my life. I’ve known that I wanted to make horror films for about as long. However, I also knew I didn’t want to be like John Carpenter and have my non-horror works overlooked. It’s the main reason I chose to make an action movie and a vigilante film between the production of Through the Devil’s Eyes and Silver Stars on Red Velvet. That doesn’t mean my love for horror didn’t seep into those other films, they’re there, just not as prevalent.

-PH: Here’s your chance to promote anything we haven’t talk about. Let us know something more about movie, upcoming plans for it, your other movies, production company or anything else you would like to mention.

-RJ: You can follow us on twitter @DecadesApartPro. Our previous films are available on DVD through or for digital sale through

We would like to thank RJ Cusyk for taking the time to answer our questions. Hopefully this was a good introduction to his upcoming movie “Silver Stars on Red Velvet.” For more information about the film, please visit its IMDB page. Also, remember to be on the look out for it later this year, and don’t forget to check out the links above for updates!

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