American Horrors Channel Adds Terror Short “Shovel” to Programming & Film Fest

“A fun and twisted little gem, Shovel will haunt you long after the final credits roll.”
Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination/Dead Awake)

Bloodshed Deathbath’s highly acclaimed terror short “Shovel” has been picked up by the infamous American Horrors Channel for their weekly programming and 2019 film festival as a Special Invitation Selection.

It is with great demonic pleasure that I have chosen Shovel, a twisted little fairy tale from hell, as our first Special Invitation Selection to be screened as part of the next American Horrors Film Festival, now in our 3rd year. We’ve had a stunning run of films at our last two shows and this year is going to be even WETTER.” Hart D. Fisher • American Horrors Film Festival Director

Director Ryan Policky, “Beyond excited to have our “Shovel” in American Horrors for 2019! It took a ton of sweat and tears to put together that little opus and to see it get a bit of love gives us a boost we for sure were looking for! Independent film making is not as easy as one would imagine and to see our vision get some distribution to the fans we love is a huge help!”

Shovel stars Aeona Cruz of Terror Tales, Amateur and Unmarked fame. The young actress excelled on set and remained unfazed and professional no matter how surreal or bloody the scenes became. Doug Newville (Dinner with Leatherface, Auto Shop of Horrors) played the beast himself and thrived within the role and became the demonic brute that is Shovel. Shovel also stars Benton Mckibben, Isaac Archuleta, Rodney Tidwell, Amanda Eldritch and Sara Eldritch

The unsettling soundtrack of Shovel was performed by the horror industrial group Genessier who ratchet the terror up like a taught garrote around your neck.

Shovel is dedicated to the memories of Sara and Amanda Eldritch who tragically took their own lives in a suicide pact.

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Horror Society: ( “I’m anxious to see what Bloodshed Deathbath Productions has to offer in the future, but Shovel is nothing short of a firm, hard digging look into brutal horror and the ying-and-yang of morality. Great job, solid movie.”

Horror Fuel: ( “To put a beastly bow on it; Director Ryan Policky and Writer Newville have delivered a stalk n’ slay gem that could easily be fleshed into a fearsome feature (and definitely should in my not so humble opinion)…but as it is; they’ve made a great short that’s sure to make you boils n’ ghouls pleased as putrid punch!”

Screamfix: ( “I really dig this short film. It seamlessly blends hillbilly horror & slasher flicks with elements of a groundbreaking classic like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. SHOVEL is our new horror icon!”

John Dugan (Grandpa from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D) “Chainsaw fans will eat ‘Shovel’ up. Stay tuned..”

Jonathan Tiersten (Sleepaway Camp/The House That Wept Blood ) “The visual imagery and esoteric nuances in ‘Shovel’ staggered me in a way I did not expect. This film begs to be continued.”

Timothy Schultz founder of the Mile High Horror Film Festival: Terrifyingly twisted. This film is a testament that independent horror is alive and well.”

Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th/Terror Tales) “This is a terrifying short film – absolutely mesmerizing photography and soundtrack – abstract and darkly impressionistic in a contemporary vein. Characters that just steal a Jason’s heart! Thank You SHOVEL!” Ari Lehman the First Jason Voorhees

Brian Bonsall (Star Trek: The Next Generation/Mikey) “Genuinely well done, sick and twisted, not for the faint hearted and keeps you wanting more!”

Mister Sam Shearon (Creator for Clive Barker, Rob Zombie, X-Files) “SHOVEL offers a disturbing tone that echoes the cultural phenomenon of the horrors that inspired such films as ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, ‘Wrong Turn’ and ‘The Hills have Eyes’. This short film holds nothing back as the surreal soundtrack akin to an industrial nightmare drives the vibe quickly into a merciless plot twist… ‘SHOVEL’ has the potential to be a full feature cult classic!”

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