Soska Sisters’ WiHMX Massive Blood Drive PSA – Give It Away

We certainly hoped you had a joyous Women In Horror Month! This year marks the event’s TENTH YEAR celebrating female talent and feminists! Every year we call filmmakers to create their own Public Service Announcements for a cause also started ten years ago, The Women In Horror Month Massive Blood Drive!

You can’t think horror without thinking blood and there’s no more selfless a way to give back than literally giving someone the gift of life. Horror fans are some of the most fearless and generous people on Earth. We’ve been putting out the call for a decade now and the results have been incredible. There are no substitutions for blood. We need donors.

This year we invited all filmmakers to create their own Blood Donation Awareness PSAs or short films! We’ve been sharing them all month long. Today, we close out Women In Horror Month Year Ten with our video filled with cameos from many filmmakers and friends. The song is GIVE IT AWAY by Kevvy who has sound tracked every Soska Sisters film including the highly anticipated upcoming Cronenberg remake, RABID.

Please enjoy:

And please donate some blood! If it’s not something you’re able to do for whatever reason, we’ve also teamed up with Terror Threads to create “Soska Sisters Out for Blood” merch which has partial proceeds going to Canadian Blood Services and American Red Cross:

It’s in you to give.

Soska Sisters

Twisted Twins Productions

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