A Brand-New Episode of Internet Urban Legends is Available Now!

The latest Spotify Original from Parcast, hosted by beauty gurus and internet sleuths Loey Lane and Eleanor Snitchery, brings you the freakiest stories from across the web, spinning each episode with the clues, conspiracies, and conundrums that make each internet urban legend so mesmerizing. From creepypastas to frightful TikToks, the Gruesome Twosome go extremely online to separate hoax from haunt…will they find answers, or more reasons to stay awake all night? 

The Disney parks are widely known as the happiest place on earth, but there is a dark mystery surrounding the question – has anyone ever died at a Disney park? In today’s new episode, Loey and Eleanor dive into this question, presenting a variety of hearsay, reports, and evidence along the way to uncover the truth behind the Disney mask.

Listen to the fourth episode NOW on Spotify: HERE

  • Title: No One Dies At Disney
  • Description: Is it rumor, coincidence, or straight-up policy that no one ever dies at Disney? Loey and Eleanor dig into what the Mouse doesn’t want you to know, and the lengths Disney has gone to ensure the only ghosts you’ll find there are fictional…

Each episode, Loey and Eleanor take a deep dive into one big story, investigating clues and conspiracy theories that surround each paranormal tale to try to determine if it is a hoax or a haunt. All-new episodes all available every Tuesday, exclusively on Spotify!

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