Horror Headlines

Here are some of today’s horror headlines…

Fifth Purge Movie Set for July 2020 Release Date (ComingSoon.net)

Evil Teaser: First Look at CBS’ New Supernatural Drama (ComingSoon.net)

Tim Miller Promises Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Soon (ComingSoon.net)

Still Unseen in the US, POLAROID Develops on Blu-ray/DVD Overseas (Dread Central)

Gallery: Croatian Website Scores a Slew of THE DARK TOWER TV Series Behind-the-Scenes Images (Dread Central)

Our Latest Exclusive Clip From DON’T LOOK Features a Mute Slasher in a Clown Mask (Dread Central)

Rob Zombie’s Latest Pic from THREE FROM HELL Introduces Richard Brake’s Character  (Dread Central)

3D & IMAX Posters for GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS Highlight Glorious Battle Scenes in Store (Dread Central)

Stephen King Teases New Novel ‘If You Bleed’ for 2020, Centered on ‘Mr. Mercedes’ Character (Bloody Disgusting)

10th Anniversary ‘Human Centipede’ Graphic Novel/Behind the Scenes Book on the Way (Bloody Disgusting)

‘BrightBurn’ Images Document the Birth of a Supervillain [Gallery] (Bloody Disgusting)

Producer Teases That “American Horror Story: 1984” is Going to Be a Real Treat for Fans of ’80s Horror! (Bloody Disgusting)

Take a Seat on DevilWorks’ ‘Killer Sofa’ [Cannes] (Bloody Disgusting)


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