Supernatural Horror Title No Sin Unpunished to Debut on DVD this January 21st!

No Sin Unpunished is a horror film from production house King Windom. Developed by director Matt Green (Digging Up Graves), the film focuses on Taryn. Abused in a foster home, Taryn is killed to keep her quiet. From the grave, Taryn seeks the help of a clairvoyant, to uncover the secret of her death. No Sin Unpunished will release this January, through Monarch Home Entertainment. And, the film stars: Jonathan Horne (Your Worst Nightmare), Amber Erwin (The Gifted), Krissy Notes, Ron Prather and Alonzo Ward. A preview of this film’s impending release is available here.

The film’s official trailer shows more of Taryn’s (Erwin) struggle. After her death, the clairvoyant begins to have visions of Taryn’s murder. Searching for clues, this connection to the dead discovers evidence of an untimely death. But, the local authorities believe Hero (Horne) is the one responsible for Taryn’s murder.

Monarch Home Entertainment will show No Sin Unpunished, on DVD, this January 21st. This release has not been rated. And, the DVD cover is available now, ahead of the 2020 release. Available for pre-orders, No Sin Unpunished blends the supernatural with the gifted, in this unique release. All of the latest release details, for No Sin Unpunished, are available here.

Official synopsis: Taryn Melwood was abused as a teen by Sheriff John Stone, her foster father. Now a young adult, Taryn is trying to pull her life together when the sexually-obsessed Stone stalks and kills her. In the three days between her death and ghostly eternal-afterlife, her spirit bonds with the clairvoyant Hero, when he contacts her. Taryn and Hero must race the clock to expose Stone as the abuser and murderer so she can have a peaceful afterlife.

Street Date: January 21st, 2020 Rating: Not Rated SRP: $19.95 Genre: Horror Cat #: MHV 7985 UPC: 723952079855 Run Time: 85 Minutes.

Release Date: January 21, 2020 (DVD).

Director/writer: Matt Green.

Cast: Jonathan Horne, Amber Erwin, Krissy Notes, Ron Prather and Alonzo Ward.

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