TRIBE OF PAZUZU – New Album “King Of All Demons”

TRIBE OF PAZUZU – the band featuring Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy and Vltimas – drop their brand new EP, King Of All Demons, this Friday. Some early reviews are in!

“The death metal stomper you’ve been waiting for!” – Metal Injection

“Mark my words, this EP will be in the death metal charts of 2020” –

“Darkly exotic, surprisingly catchy and needless to say, fucking brutal all the way!” –

TRIBE OF PAZUZU, the project featuring Flo Mounier (CRYPTOPSY, VLTIMAS), Randy Harris (ex-MACIFICATION, ex-PORNO), and band mainman Nick Sagias (SOULSTORM, ex-OVERTHROW, ex-PESTILENCE), have completed tje follow-up to their critically-acclaimed 2019 debut EP, Heretical Uprising.

The brand new EP, entitled King Of All Demons, features five songs that amp up the vehemence and brutality of the band’s old-school-meets-new-school approach to death metal.

This time around, INCANTATION’s John McEntee, who contributed guitars to the last release, took a step back due to time constraints. That said, John’s uncompromising vocals can be heard on the track ‘Crucify The Deceivers’.

King Of All Demons dropped on March 6th via Vic Records.


1. King Of All Demons
2. Summoning Rituals
3. The Burning Of Diseased Empires
4. Crucify The Deceivers
5. Retaliation & Wrath

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at: The Grid Productions in Montreal by Marc-o Freche and Christian Donaldson:

Nick Sagias (bass & vocals)
Randy Harris (rhythm and lead guitars)
Flo Mounier (drums)
Guest Backup vocals on ‘Crucify The Deceivers’ – John McEntee (Incantation)

Cover Art by Bahrull Marta:
Logo by Gragoth:
Teaser vid created by YOD Multimedia:
Record Label:

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