A Unique, First of its Kind Genre! Filmed … at a Distance! Mystery. Sci-Fi. Horror!

This is a suspenseful mystery, sci-fi, horror story examining the slow slide into insanity individuals experience when isolated for extended periods. It is mixed with suspense and gore as a group of distance workers discover that the social distance mandate may be a much greater conspiracy than anyone could have fathomed.

Enter a world of isolation that grows into conspiracy and eventually spirals into insanity.

As the name implies, this movie is the first of its kind. We are making a movie about social distancing, while social distance, hence the title – SOCIAL DISTANCE.

We have brought together a core group of veteran actors and crew to bring this horrific tale of conspiracies and mysteries to life … from a distance.

Even in times of social distance, independent artists are finding a way to gather (safely) and create and entertain.


Jed Rowen
Tasha Tacosa
Christine Ashley McGee
Sean Patrick McGee
Rachel Riley
Kasey Brown

Written and Directed by:

B. Luciano Barsuglia

This movie is very unique, in that it is being filmed entirely within the constraints of social distancing, just as the title implies. This group of veteran actors have joined to make something unique and memorable in SOCIAL DISTANCE.

Help them finalize the movie by supporting their campaign at IndieLiveWire:

They have plenty of fantastic rewards available in return for your pledge to this campaign like…

-Add you to the end credits and to IMDB

-Your name in the Opening and End Credits and on IMDB as a Producer.

-A speaking role! Your character will have a name, play a role in the story, your name will be listed in the credits, the website and on IMDB

-You will be listed at the opening of the film as “A Film by YOU.”

Visit “Social Distance” on IndieLiveWire to:

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-Learn more about the cast and crew

-Read about their previous projects

-Get all the details on the available rewards

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