A young woman, in the wake of her boyfriend’s death, is forced to relive the dark nature of their relationship when his old camera begins to torment her. Inspired by the terrible stories that emerged from the MeToo movement, it explores the struggles abuse survivors endure; both internal and external.


Nina Donnelly, and Ryan Delahunt

Written and Directed by:

Ross O’Hara

AFTERIMAGE received the First Cut Youth Film Festival 2020 Cork International Film Festival Award.

CIFF senior programmer Don O’Mahony:

“We loved Afterimage’s original, artistic and metaphorical approach. The integration of installation type elements such as polaroid pictures alongside the use of horror tropes brought a heightened psychological depth. That the unsettling tone was created with the absence of a score and without recourse to gratuitous elements also speaks volumes of its ingenuity.”

More Reviews:

“Wow! This is really good”

“Great work all! Loved the film, was mega creepy and tense!”

“Great job!!!”

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