Interview with “Girls Just Wanna Have Blood” Actress Gigi Gustin

Model and actress Gigi Gustin talks about her love of horror and her latest fright-flick “Girls Just Wanna Have Blood” – available this month on DVD and Digital from Wild Eye Releasing!

PH: What do you love about horror, Gigi?

-Gigi: I love the rush it gives me. Cinema allows you to experience all sorts of emotions, but horror is the greatest adrenaline rush. I just feel a sense of closeness to the idea of being scared but in a controlled safe place like the theatre.  

-PH: Do you intentionally pursue roles in the horror field or…?

-Gigi: Oh yes. Horror is my preferred genre.

-PH: I imagine you’ll score a few zillion fans from this role in “Girls Just Wanna Have Blood”. Has there been any talk of taking the film to horror conventions?

-Gigi: That is probably a question for the director, Anthony Catanese. He could better answer that question. 

-PH: What about a sequel? Any talk?

-Gigi: As far as I know, no talk yet!

-PH: What was the best thing about playing this character?

-Gigi: Stacy was a lot of fun to play! She is the goofy one of the bunch; so naturally, I gravitated towards her out of the three vampires. 

-PH: The scariest movie ever made is

-Gigi: ….. Hellraiser

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