Horror Comedy Short Film “MAKE A WISH” Blazes its Way Through Film Festivals

A dark frenetic comedy about an obsessively over-caring woman who offers her significant other a blast from the past birthday gift that he will never, ever forget.

Directed by: Dinh Thai

Written by: Ivan Tsang & Dinh Thai 

Starring: Edward Hong, Josephine Chang, and Roman Moretti

These are the film festivals that have accepted the film and the awards it has received:

Currently, it has been accepted in 30 film festivals, with the most notable ones being Screamfest Horror Film Festival, FilmQuest, FirstGlance Film Festival Philadelphia, Indy Film Fest, Macabro Horror Film Festival, A Night Of Horror International Film Festival, Horrible Imaginings, HorrorHound, Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, and GenreBlast Film Festival! It recently won Best Actor (Josephine Chang) from Sick ‘n’ Wrong Film Festival as well as Best Short Film & Best Editing for the Liverpool Underground Film Festival June 2020 edition.

This will be director Dinh Thai’s second short film, his first being “Monday” which has won 50+ festival awards, including Best Director for the 2018 NBCU Short Film Festival and 1st place in the 2017 HBO APA Visionaries. His most recent work is directing the season 2 finale of the hit NBC show “New Amsterdam” which aired on April 14th, 2020.

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