Agatha Christie meets the Peanuts with ‘Dial P for Peanuts’ at Source Point Press

Good grief!

Childhood friends Charles, Lucille, Sally, Patricia, and the rest are brought back together in the most harrowingly way in ‘Dial P for Peanuts’ from Source Point Press. In shops Nov. 25, this Agatha Christie spin is written by David C. Hayes and Michael Kary, illustrated by Kurt Belcher, and is currently available for pre-order from Diamond Comic Distributors and at

“Dial P for Peanuts captures all the murder mystery magic of Agatha Christie and mashes it up with pop culture tropes in the most entertaining way. The Rottentail team really created something special here,” says SPP Art Director Joshua Werner.

Ten friends are invited to a mysterious home on the remote Isle of Man by the mysterious Mr. Iman. A closely knit group as children, they drifted apart as the world turned them into jaded, cynical… adults. That jaded adulthood has taken its toll on the group and they have done horrible, terrible things. As they pay the ultimate price, one by one, will there be enough time to call for help? Will they be able to Dial P… for Peanuts?

“We all grew up with the ‘Peanuts’ gang, and that’s why this works so well,” says Hayes,
“These are iconic characters. But the incessant platitudes of ‘Peanuts’ turned us into … what? It was time to end the toxic friendship. The Peanuts Gang taught us that mediocre was OK, just look at that Christmas Tree. Imagine how that would affect these kids in their adult lives? The gang is us and we are the gang and a darkly comedic tale borrowing from the murderous mind of Agatha Christie gives all Americans a little bit of closure. You blockheads.”

Source Point Press is a division of Ox Eye Media, publishing books, comics, and graphic novels. ‘Dial P for Peanuts’ is available to pre-order now and will be released Wednesday, Nov. 25.

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