Sunday Scares: “History of Present Illness”

Medical school is tough, and it only gets harder in today’s Sunday Scares feature…

A first year medical student’s stress and anxiety begin to take physical form as she navigates the first year of medical school.

Starring: Caitlin Wilson, and Stephen Manos

Directed and written by: Phil Luis Anjum


More about the film:

History of Present Illness portrays the initial, daunting, years of medical school from a medical student’s perspective. The film is inspired by Phil’s own conversations with classmates and meetings with advisors. He wanted more than anything to capture the way stress and anxiety compound the profound sensation of isolation that medical students feel on a daily basis. Medical school advisors, dealing with their own personal troubles, are often powerless to help students confront our unique issues. At the end of the day, medical students are expected to somehow push through and continue studying, because as they are often told, “it only gets harder.”

About Omega 3 Pictures LLC:

Omega 3 Pictures LLC, is a film company based in Columbus OH. Founded in 2013, Omega 3 Pictures’ mission is to create media that combines the worlds of science and art. They make films that entertain as they educate, present new voices with common themes, and explore the future without forgetting the present.

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