Interview with “Beast Within” Actor and Director Steven Morana

BEAST WITHIN is a creature feature stars Steven Morana (Whiskey Business) and Holly Deveaux (The Mist) as a couple attending the launch party of their gaming app Werewolves Awaken, but when a guest is mysteriously found dead, they question who could be the killer, as everyone becomes a suspect and player in a deadly real-life version of the game.

Morana who co-directed with Chris Green (Zombie Werewolves Attack) and co-produced with Nic Izzi (1BR) plays the timid tech genius turned action hero and his martial art background contributed to him doing all his own stunts during the confrontation with the werewolf.

The film is now available On Demand in Canada and the US.

-PH: Why a horror movie, Steven?

-Steven: I actually don’t see this as a straight horror. It’s more of a combination of a murder mystery, thriller, creature-feature with a flare of comedy and romance. The unique premise appealed to me. I love how it keeps the audience guessing.

-PH: And were you a fan of similar films?

-Steven: I am an open minded person who appreciates great storytelling from all genres including horror. Being from Toronto, I frequently attended the Toronto International Film Festival and was exposed to all types of films from around the globe.

-PH: Which ones did you sit down to watch before tackling this one?

-Steven: The script paid homage to a lot of the classic werewolf films such as The Wolf man (1941), The Howling, and An American Werewolf in London. I made sure I rewatched them a few times and read into werewolf lore to get prepared.

-PH: And it was obviously important to you not to just do a straight-up horror film but one that was more unique than most?

-Steven: I like that we didn’t put ourselves in a box but just wanted to make an entertaining story that appealed to not only horror fans but fans outside of the genre as well.

-PH: The scariest movie ever made is…..

-Steven: It’s tough to bring it down to just one. I will say that I think, The Exorcist is one of the scariest classic movies of all time. And Hereditary’s psychological terror makes it one of the scariest modern movies for me.

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