ELLE NOIR Unveils Her Highly-Anticipated New EP, Like A Black Doll

Following the release of two successful singles & videos, gothic soprano singer, ELLE NOIR has unveiled her highly-anticipated new EP, Like A Black Doll.

“Like a Black Doll is an EP born last year in the months I lived in London.
During those months, I was often alone, and I had time to rework my life once more. It’s a five-track EP, extremely autobiographical and digging into the dark aspects of my past. My songs are metaphors of images that come back to my memory. They tell my world, a balanced chaos.”

Like a Black Doll” is a nightmare with different levels of meaning. At first sight it’s the image of a girl who can’t react to life. Who closes herself in her dark inner world and surrounds herself with things that can’t hurt her. But deep down, it tells about a traumatic situation of my childhood, which I do not talk about and that I have been able to elaborate over the years thanks to music. It is one of the reasons that pushed me to sing, to use my voice and my songs to exorcise my demons.
“The Day I Died” is the metaphor of emotional death. It tells of a world where nothing has value anymore, which is also an inner world given by mental states like depression. My inner worlds are always autobiographical, my songs are always lived in the first person. Death, mental illness and emotional states of discomfort are central themes in my writing.
“Kill me now” is an inner dialogue in search of self-awareness. The search for peace is combined with the need to leave certain things behind. Either you accept every side of yourself or it is the metaphorical death of the person. You have to be able to forgive yourself, forgive those who hurt you so that you can move on.
“Welcome to my Hell” is my welcome to all the people who have tried over the years to get close to me. Those who want to know me in depth should know that my world is full of deep, black holes, often masked by a beautiful smile.
“Sorry” is a letter of pain.It is the letter that I could never write, and that I will never deliver to the person concerned.But I needed to say what I thought of this person. It is a song that really destroys me.”


“My mantra is “Take the risk and go into the wild” and I’m sure in my previous life I was a wolf. My passion for the dark world was born when I first saw the Smashing Pumpinks’ “Ava Adore” video on MfTV. I was a little girl. My father had just died and I needed a world to leave me in. As a teenager, Marilyn Manson’s “The Dope Show” bewitched me but it was with Nightwish that I realized that music was my way.

To me singing was screaming and my Opera voice was the salvation. I graduated in Opera singing , in Musicology and in Music Composition, but after Conservatory’s classes I ran off to the rehearsal room with my symphonic metal band. I’m an eclectic singer and performer with a passion for the world of vintage and cabaret that brought me to perform on important London stages with my cabaret shows and in  contemporary and experimental music theatre.

Elle Noir is my truth. It is the union of all my worlds. My songs are my essence.” 


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