Interview with “Sweet Taste of Souls” Actress Honey Lauren

Cult film star Honey Lauren, star of the new film SWEET TASTE OF SOULS, tells us how a small role in a Francis Ford Coppola film opened doors for her in horror. 

-PH: Congrats on Sweet Taste of Souls, Honey! Is this your first “starring” role!?

-Honey: Hello! Thank you so much for having me! And thank you, I loved doing SWEET TASTE OF SOULS! Ellinore was not my first lead but one I will certainly remember!

-PH: You’ve done so much – and a lot of it has been in the horror arena. What keeps you coming back to scary-movie-ville?

-Honey: I have done a lot of horror… not just film bit also television shows as well. I certainly love the genre and it’s one that will always be in demand. And I’m always so impressed with the wonderful new stories that people are doing and I really think that that’s what keeps me coming back… The innovative and talented teams that seem to be more and more into not just making horror films but writing real character studies. I love that. I love horror films that have really interesting nuanced characters… 

-PH: Was that always the plan – to be in horror and sci-fi films? Or did it just.. happen?

-Honey: So much of casting is type casting… Very early on in my career I was cast in a very high profile film, Francis Ford Coppola’s DRACULA… From there, so many doors opened in the genre.

Also, more and more television shows are being made that are horror or sci-fi… So, there’s just so much more out there in the genre than ever before! And I enjoy it, I really do. And I love the people that love horror, they’re so very loyal! I’m so grateful to them.

-PH: Do you find you’re being offered different types of roles now than you were in the ‘80s and ‘90s?

-Honey: Absolutely I am… I recently got to be a school vice principal in a series, which I loved! It was a real departure! I’ve finally gotten to play moms… which for years, that never happened! Also, there are different kinds of roles being cast now… There are different kinds of jobs and jobs that are gender bending… The world has changed and we have all sorts of new characters being created all the time! The artist responds to their environment, you can see it in the stories being told. 

-PH: You’re walking down the street – what are you likely recognized for? What’s the role people remember you most for, you think?

-Honey: Well, that’s a really good question… I’m not even really sure… It depends on where I am… I went to a comic book convention and within minutes a few guys recognized me from THE HIDDEN ll, I was so surprised… Others recognized me from VAMPIRE’S LUST… a trading cars series I did… So random… blows me away! Any Doris Wishman fan will know me from SATAN WAS A LADY, I was the last Wishman girl… And if I have a commercial running, often people recognize me from that! 

Also, I’m wigged a whole lot… I had a director tell me that I was very chameleon-like… which makes me sort of unrecognizable. When I do get to use my own hair, I get really excited!!! 

-PH: And finally, how sweet do souls taste?

-Honey: Oh, delicious…

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