“Le Vortex Monopolize” by Luciano Onetti

Luciano Onetti in “short”:

“Le Vortex Monopolaire”,

an experimental anomaly of Argentine cinema.

Luciano Onetti’s “Le Vortex Monopolaire” begins the official tour in various international film festivals and is the Argentine director’s first foray into short films, with Cecilia Azzolina and Camille Valenzuela.

This first short film is shot in French by the Argentine director and composer, it has a duration of 15 minutes and is produced by Stewart David Johnson and the director himself, who publicly announces his project together with the Terrorweekend portal, and is presented by the Italian record company Black Widow Records.

“Le Vortex Monopolaire” takes us inside a visual gear with which Onetti describes death, to tell us the story of a girl who dies and travels to a new mode of existence: perpetuity.

Title: Le Vortex Monopolaire

Direction, script and original music: Luciano Onetti

Production: Stewart David Johnson and Luciano Onetti.

Cast: Cecilia Azzolina, Camille Valenzuela.

Presented by: Black Widow Records (www.blackwidow.it) and Terrorweekend.com

Release date: 2021.

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