SCS Entertainment to Become the U.S. Division of the Infamous VIPCO

On April 1st, SCS Entertainment will become the U.S. division of the infamous VIPCO.

VIPCO (Video Instant Picture Company) is a UK based home video distribution company that specializes in releasing obscure and cult horror films. They were the leading distributor of “Video Nasties” and previously banned films in the UK. It was originally founded as an independent company by Mike Lee in the late seventies, and VIPCO was notable for early releases of films such as Driller Killer, The Legacy, Psychic Killer and The Slayer. The company was originally named VIPC, but customers often misread its trademark, the letters VIPC surrounded by a graphic resembling the spools of a video cassette – as ‘Vipco’, so the company’s name was changed soon after their first titles were released. After a successful run in the seventies and early eighties, the company re-emerged in the early 1990s with edited versions of Zombie Flesh Eaters, Horror Hospital uncut and Night of the Demon. Since then, they have released a large number of films on both video and DVD including Zomvi 2, The Beyond, House By The Cemetery, Cannibal Holocaust and several others. Many of the titles had previously been cut or rejected by the BBFC, or had never before received a UK release. These films were released under the banner of the “Vipco’s Vault of Horror” DVD Collection. Then, in the early 2000s, VIPCO also started a Cult Classic DVD Collection, which featured obscure non-Horror films such as The Bronx Warriors, The Last Hunter and Gremloids. In 2020 they returned again under new Owner Peter Hopkins and Lorna J. Child with recent releases like “Amityville Hex” and now in 2021, VIPCO has signed with Dustin Ferguson, Owner of SCS Entertainment to re-brand them as the U.S. division of VIPCO. This is excellent news for Horror fans, as this means many of VIPCO’s titles that were previously only available in the United Kingdom will have a Stateside release, and many of the Independent Horror films previously confined to a U.S. release will now see a release overseas, including roughly 30 titles from SCS Entertainment and Director Dustin Ferguson. The official U.S. launch begins with the return of “Vipco’s Vaults of Horror”, which will feature 5 titles from the SCS Entertainment library on DVD, to be announced soon, as well as the all-new VIPCO VOD Channel! You can follow the official VIPCO Facebook Page for more updates!


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