Studios Howl for Hunter’s “An American Werewolf in Rome”

40 years after John Landis’s hirsute lycanthrope took to London, An American Werewolf is set to howl again – this time, in Rome.

The brainchild of actor, writer, director and producer Hunter G.Williams, An American Werewolf in Rome will pay tribute to the classic 1981 film while offering its own unique spin on the sub-genre.

Currently being shopped, the script is described as a horror-comedy that serves as a love letter to the classic werewolf film while also showcases the epic history of Rome.

Says Williams, “Here, we’ve a chance to do something incredibly fun but also transport a postcard to Rome into the mailbox of every theater. Further, cinemagoers are ready for another werewolf film that successfully combines horror and humour. Hopefully this silver bullet will be firing shortly.”

Williams’ longtime producing partner, Justin Chien and longtime collaborator, Nadia Lanfranconi are on board in a producing capacity.

Williams’ most recent script The Madness Within resulted in a critically acclaimed 2019 feature.

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