Deadly Dinner: A New Digital Series for Horror Fans

The MoonCats officially launch their new Digital Programming Initiative, with an exciting new series for horror fans, “Deadly Dinner”.

The Series stars Stacey Nelkin (Halloween III) and Eva Hamilton (Ruin Me) as they invite a Horror icon over for dinner and a roundtable discussion, featuring a gourmet dish that has relevance to the icon’s career.

Linda Blair is the first on our Production Wishlist, once we acquire funding, so we can have her over for Caramelized Onion Pea Soup, topped with garlic croutons.

With the help of the Horror Community, we plan to invite the following people over for dinner.

Deadly Dinner Wish List (Unconfirmed)

– Tom Atkins

– Linda Blair

– Nancy Allen

– Heather Langenkamp

– Felissa Rose

Our Campaign

In Order to make this Series a reality that we can pitch to Networks like Shudder and AMC, we need a budget to shoot our pilot!

That’s where YOU come in horror fans!

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