Michael Joy Teams with ROOM 9 Director Thomas Walton to Make CAMP OF TERROR

Michael Joy (Operations Manager at HorrorNewsNet, Horror Asylum, and Horror Screams VideoVault) has just signed on as associate producer on the upcoming horror film from director Thomas Walton, CAMP OF TERROR! 

They say.. “You cross paths with at least 20 killers in your lifetime and don’t even know it” Well, this time you will…

Thomas Walton’s ROOM 9 starring Kane Hodder, Michael Berryman, and Scout Taylor-Compton will be released by LIONSGATE later this month.  ROOM 9 producer Jared Safier also joins Thomas Walton and Michael Joy in producing CAMP OF TERROR!

The cast includes Shawn C Phillips and Lauren Francesca with more names being announced soon, including an iconic name of the horror world.

You can find out more information or get involved at:

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