Cover Reveal! DELIRIUM Celebrates John Carpenter’s GHOSTS OF MARS!

DELIRIUM Magazine and John Carpenter celebrate 20 years of GHOSTS OF MARS

Genre film magazine teams up with iconic director for a salute to one of his most underrated films

DELIRIUM magazine celebrates its terrifying 28th issue with a 20th anniversary look back at GHOSTS OF MARS, director John Carpenter’s misunderstood and controversial 2001 science fiction horror action epic!

Carpenter sits down with DELIRIUM editor and co-founder Chris Alexander for an exclusive new interview discussing the making of the movie, including the casting (and re-casting), special effects, critical reception and of course, the orchestration of Carpenter’s own punishing synth-metal score.

The startling cover features an original painting by Canadian fine artist Matthew Therrien, a conceptual re-imagining of the original theatrical poster, with Carpenter himself holding court over some of GHOSTS OF MARS’ most iconic characters.

Is GHOSTS OF MARS Carpenter’s best film?

DELIRIUM and Carpenter make the case for that unpopular argument in the pages of DELIRIUM #28, on sale exclusively via Full Moon Direct late September.

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