Cucurbitophobia Set to Release New Album ‘Four Doors of Your Deepest Fears’

Cucurbitophobia produces experimental, cinematic Instrumental music that spans multiple genres while consistently retaining common themes of horror, fantasy, mythology, folklore, and the macabre.  Since 2018, eight Cucurbitophobia albums have been released, some of which have been featured in various press sources throughout America and Europe. Four Doors of Your Deepest Fears, set to be released worldwide on October 22, 2021, goes further down the dark hallway with a series of new tracks appropriately fitting for the Halloween season.

(Album artwork by Andrew A. Graves)

Four Doors of Your Deepest Fears is a concept album involving a fictional Haunted House which rests at the end of an Amusement Park.  From vivid imagery which depicts infernos of fire and lava, poisonous insects, vicious storms and floods, or a maze of mirrors reflecting the most unbearable parts of a person’s inner soul, the album represents the experience, the journey, and the darkest thoughts of one individual who has made it through the house ‘till the very end.

Inspired by Horror film scores from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s along with Industrial, Dark Ambient, Neoclassical, Atmospheric Metal, and Carnival Music,  Four Doors of Your Deepest Fears marks another chapter in Cucurbitophobia’s mission to keep the spirit of Samhain alive and kicking all year round. 

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