Official Trailer: Holes In The Sky, “The Sean Miller Story”

The film, “Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller Story” is a 2021 feature film exploring a documentary film crew’s efforts to make a movie detailing the 2013 alien abduction of Illinois resident Sean Miller. A five-day shoot turns into a life-changing experience for everyone involved as events spiral out of control.

Holes in the Sky is a Fright Night Film Festival Award Winner of  1. Best Reality Horror, 2. Best Sci Fi Feature, and 3. Best Director (Feature) – AND – Multi Dimension Film Festival Award Winner of 1. Best Horror Film and 2. Best Science Fiction Film.

Other film festivals that have officially selected Holes in the Sky include Dark History and Horror Con,  American Horror Film Festival,  The Scarefest Horror and Paranormal Film Festival, Monsterflix, Route 66 Film Festival, 4theatre Selection, Haunted Horror Film & Paranormal Festival, Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival, and Tuscon Terrorfest.

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