‘The Boy with the Spider Face’ by AJ Franks Coming this Month

‘The Boy with the Spider Face’ by AJ Franks Coming November 26th from Crystal Lake Publishing.

Short description: Jeff Pritchet isn’t much different from other teenage boys, with one exception: He has the face of a spider. Ever the loner, Jeff’s world is one day upended by the arrival of new student, Aarav Jain. As the boys grow close and become a target for hatred, Jeff discovers a sinister side he never knew he had, proving that emotions can be deadlier than venom.

Author bio:
AJ Franks is the author of the novella The Boy with the Spider Face and more than thirty stories. Franks’ short story “Prior to Slaughter” won first place in Crystal Lake Publishing’s “Best of the Best” flash fiction contest and was released as part of the Shallow Waters Volume 8 anthology.

His debut horror collection, Keep You Cold: Chilling Tales, was a multi-category finalist in the American Book Fest 2019 Best Book Awards. The follow-up collection, Colder in Hell: More Chilling Tales, is now available. 

He is a member of the Horror Writers Association and currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

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