The Plague Doctor Returns To Terrify Audiences Once More In New VIPCO Release

VIPCO have been busy recently getting their new website up and running which you can find HERE and they have many exciting releases out now and also up for pre-order.

The beloved British horror label VIPCO returned with a vengeance at the tail end of 2020 with releases such as the slow-burn slasher Devil In The Woods and the intriguing in-depth horror documentary VHS Forever? Psychotronic People.

One of the new titles that you can now pick up from the re-launch of the cult label is Harvest Of The Dead: Halloween Night featuring the return of The Plague Doctor.

Written and Directed by Peter Goddard and Terence Elliott, the film stars British scream queen Dani Thompson, Tim Faraday, Lee Macdonald, Gemma Wilks and more.


Four teenagers venture out for a weekend of camping in the British countryside, but it soon becomes clear that they are not alone: an unknown figure is watching them. After a night telling scary stories around the campfire, the teens are attacked.

Watch the Trailer

This is a Limited edition, first U.K run of 50 units for Harvest of the Dead: Halloween Night, which also ships with a poster. The DVD includes a ‘making of’ and ‘Britflicks: behind the scenes’.

Order a copy of Harvest of the Dead: Halloween Night from VIPCO at the website:

VIPCO’s new company directors, Terence Elliott, Peter Goddard and David Rogers are no strangers to the realms of the macabre and will continue to ramp up the shock-factor to bring new gore-filled entertainment to horror fans around the globe.

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