The world premiere release of the the original film score to the upcoming supernatural horror film “The Shadow Warrior” from musician & filmmaker Strange Nocturnal.

The music helps to tell the story of Ray – a martial artist – who teams up with an archeologist to unlock the hidden mysteries of a recently discovered (but long forgotten) civilization. What they discover is a legend prophesizing the return of a Dark Entity and its minions to make a second attempt at destroying humanity. It is up to Ray and the Archeologist to find a way to stop the return of the Dark entity.

The Temporary Cover – the silhouette will get replaced by a similar silhouette of Strange Nocturnal since he is the main character who is the martial artist in the film


D4Disgruntled provides a unique voice to the music that takes you down a dark, emotional, spiritual and action packed journey. He blends creepy and dissonant ambient textures, pounding percussion and drums, creature sounds, wailing voices, Asian folk music inspired melodies and harmonies while incorporating the action packed elements of tribal drumming, techno, industrial and pseudo synth-wave. 

What is different about this album is that most scores are composed to picture. This one was not. Much like how the famous film composer Ennio Morricone’s work process was executed on many films, the director provided much insight into the plot, action, emotional aspects and overall narrative themes from which D4Disgruintled crafted over an hour of music. And like with Morricone’s music, the filmmaker would then edit the cues how he/she saw fit with the consent of the composer. 

Whether or not all the music is used in the final film is not an issue for the composer as it all lives here on this album in its original state as originally intended. So sit back, turn down the lights, lock the doors and grab hold of something as you get jettisoned into another world.

“The Shadow Warrior” Original Motion Picture Score || Album Release

“The Shadow Warrior” Clips Now On YouTube & Project Insights || BTS

Music Track Preview Clips

New Beginnings

Decoding Scripture

A Spiritual Calling

The Past Is Catching Up (segment 1 & 2)

The Training Never Stops (segment 1 and 2)

Warriors Fight (segment 1 and 2)

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 “The Shadow Warrior” Digital Album Press Release


Music Composed and Performed by: D4Disgruntled 

Mixed & Engineered by: D4Disgruntled 

Artwork by: D4Disgruntled 

All Intellectual Property, Copyrights and Licenses are owned by: D4Disgruntled


D4Disgruntled creates “Concept Soundtrack Albums” in which he rescores horror and sci-fi movies and shows with original new music while also composing music inspired by his own horror, sci-fi, fantasy and action stories.

He is a huge fan of film music since high school. 25 years building a knowledge base and exposure to both a wide range of film music composers and the industry itself. His own musical styles are influenced by the following composers – some who are no longer with us: Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Christopher Young, Richard Band, Hans Zimmer, Marco Beltrami, John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream primarily.

D4Disgruntled also works as a music assistant for horror film composer Richard Band and manages his website. He has also been mentored by film composers Chuck Cirino (Chopping Mall) and John Massari (Killer Klowns From Outer Space).

His albums are not just for commercial gain and to build a fan-base but are a means to garnering the attention of filmmakers and content creators who might also be fans of his to eventually reach out and hire him to score their projects. They are long form narratives being told musically.

Composer’s Website: www.musicbyd4d.com

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