Bitter vengeance lies in wait beyond the depths…

Miranda Propp was seen as a bright light in the lives of those around her and many thought her future would be just as bright as was. That was until her light was extinguished the night that she unexpectedly committed suicide at her family’s lake lot not long after graduation.

News of the tragedy left her family in shock, and her group of friends divided. After a year of mourning, Miranda’s friends River, Ashley and Jebediah, along with her younger brother Edgar, return to the lake to memorialize Miranda. They are all ready to put the past behind them, with each harboring a secret that they hoped Miranda had taken to her grave.

As they are about to discover, the past cannot be so easily buried.

Since her death, Miranda’s spirit has become transformed and twisted by anger and hatred. Now returning to life as a vengeful siren, she yearns to shed the blood of herformer friends with her newly acquired male c gifts. If this group of friends have any hopeto survive the night, they must come to terms with the sins of their past. But can they right their past wrongs, or will Miranda plunge them all into a watery grave?

“A really well done horror thriller novel, this does what I was hoping for from the description. It was so well written and kept me invested. I was on the edge of my seat and really enjoyed what was going on. R. Van Brabant has a great writing style and I look forward to where the author goes next.” Kathleen Mcleer – BookSirens

“A short sharp shock of horror that can be readily consumed in one sitting, R. Van Brabant’s debut novel, RUSALKA, shows great promise… there are passages of effective prose and the author displays a keen eye for grisly details.”

We are happy to take part in bringing this amazing new book to horror fans.

“Readers who love the thrill of a good monster story will be left looking over their shoulders after reading this spine-chilling tale of a young women transformed into a creature bent on revenge…”

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About Author R. Van Brabant

Author R. Van Brabant is a fan of scary stories and with Rusalka she aims to leave readers feeling thrilled, chilled, and begging for more.

R. Van Brabant was born in 1998 and grew up in Morinville, Alberta. Ever since elementary school, she was keen on writing, to the point where her teachers tried to hide the paper she used to write so many stories. Though she always kept finding more to use.

She graduated from Vancouver Film School’s game design program. When not trying to create new stories to tell she can often be found on the computer either surfing the web or playing horror games on her PC.

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