Includes Bonus Material: part 1 of the sequel to God Damn Zombie, a stand alone story that does not spoil the first novel or the novel to come!

“Do you enjoy murder ballads by Nick Cave? Do you like slashers, do you like getting into the head of sociopaths and psychopaths? If you enjoy various types of murder stories, this collection is definitely a great summer read. From the inexplicable to the terrible mundanity and warped minds of human monsters, this collection is full of interesting exciting in creative deaths. Sean Thompson once again delivers everything from poetic literary horror to shocking gory pulp. Anthologies about murder is not new, but when a single writer delivers on so many interesting characters, murders and murderers, it’s worth reading this short story collection! There are times when you will laugh inappropriately and it’s OK. there are times where he will be put into the story and be very uncomfortable at the darkness potentially within yourself. This is a diverse collection with a murder tale that will appeal to you regardless of what sub genre of horror you prefer.”

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In 1996, four friends discovered the terrible secret hiding on a quiet island on Lake George, in Upstate New York. They went for a vacation from which they never returned. Read the harrowing account of how they partied, had sex, and ultimately fell prey to the… God Damn Zombie Chainsaw Murderer.

“OK I bought this on a 5 second whim and have not regretted yet. Tells you right up front what you’re getting, its a light, fun read, and hits all those hallmarks of a 80s/90s horror slasherfest. Thumbs up all around.”

“Sean M. Thompson’s God Damn Zombie Chainsaw Murderer offers outrageous action, copious bloodshed, and real heart. An ode to slashers past with an eye to the future, this book is one hell of a genre-bending good time.”

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About Author Sean M. Thompson

Sean M. Thompson is the author of the novel TH3 D3M0N, as well as the short novels ASTRUM and FARMINGTON CORRECTIONAL. His work has been featured in TEST PATTERNS, TERROR IN 16-BITS, VASTARIEN, and UNNERVING.

Thompson grew up in a suburb of central Massachusetts. He is, in no particular order:

A weirdo. An angry ghost. A redhead. An asshat. A soda-swilling, sarcastic son of a bitch who loves cats and gallows humor.

He is a transplant to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he’s doing his best to become a desert-dwelling surrealist.

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