First Images and Teaser Poster for “Bears on a Ship”

BEARS ON A SHIP from filmmaker, Eduardo Castrillo (Seven Lost, Cowboys vs Samurai vs Werewolves) is currently filming aboard the famous Aurora, used in such films as James Bond: From Russia With Love. Godzilla, and Baywatch.

Synopsis/Logline: During an airline strike in Mexico, a group of stranded passengers decide to take a ship voyage back home to the United States. Unbeknownst to them however, are two more passengers aboard that ship. More specifically; man-eating bears!

Cast:Derek Crowe (The Longest Run), Christopher Wilson (Venom Coast), Diana Bukowska (First Love), Jo’nez Cain (Fruitvale Station), Erin Nolan (True Crime Podcast), David Jon Foster (Reanimation Team), Sherill Quinn (Strings Attached), Derrick Hogan (Kendrick), Krystal Shay (Slashlorette Party), Ray Ruiz (Fire on the Ridge), Samantha Aper (Worth), Matt Fuentes (Hunting Season), Nick Ryan (The Ride), Arturo Rangel (A Couple’s Betrayal), Jose Padilla (Ghettobusters), Jose Palacios (Seven Lost)

Principal Photography has begun shooting in Northern California and will wrap in August 2023.

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