VIPCO & BayView Entertainment Releasing Horror Comedy NIGHT OF THE INSOLENT VERMIN this July

VIPCO & BayView Entertainment will release the horror comedy film Night Of The Insolent Vermin to Blu-ray (Region FREE) in the USA and streaming worldwide on 25th July 2023.


A diverse group of girlfriends, and a Dominican drifter they snatched from a couple of creeps, decide to hunker down together to ride out a colossal hurricane rolling through Florida. But this is no ordinary mega storm: it has supernatural-like powers. It turns innocent, docile, cockroaches into freakishly aggressive roach armies. It turns dumb day-laboring lawn guys into even dumber menacing stalkers. And it sends Central Florida into martial law. But it’s up to this group of ladies to form a super squad and save Orlando! Few movies, in the history of cinema, have made silly so sexy, or chaos so much fun!

Night Of The Insolent Vermin was Written and Directed by Gary DeJidas and stars Kayla Strada, Jaydelise Volquez and Anna Faith. (Note: Anna Faith, one of the Leads, is an Influencer with about 2 Million Followers: InstagramFacebookTwitterOnlyFans).


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