“Bad CGI Gator” – Terror, Rendered Too Cheaply!

Six college grads on Spring Break get a cabin in the swamplands of Georgia. Once there, they decide to throw their school laptops in a backyard lake in an act of youthful defiance, which unknowingly turns a lurking alligator into the dreaded and insatiable… Bad CGI Gator!

Sharknado, Slither, Eight Legged Freaks, Piranha… our streaming services are saturated with ridiculous flicks, featuring extra-large monsters wreaking havoc ala bad CGI. Now, Bad CGI Gator writer, Zalman Band, director, Danny Draven, and Full Moon Features are taking this pop culture phenomenon and well… poking fun!

 Quote from Charles Band, CEO & Founder Of Full Moon Features: 

“I’ve long been against the overuse of CGI in genre films, and in many ways, this movie is a fun, tongue-in-cheek antidote to that. When done right, CGI is a great tool to accent special effects. When done wrong…well, we get BAD CGI GATOR! Get ready!”

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