“If you are looking for a creepy, fun, macabre short story, then this is for you. Maria DeBlassie quickly places the reader in the story. Gifted in the way there is no info dump, and nothing takes away from the flow. You are suddenly a struggling to be alive person dating the walking dead. Immediately I thought this was more like a Bradbury work then it really took on a King like feel. Upon completion, I honestly feel this story would have played perfectly in a film like Creepshow. Simple yet detailed, unique, and innovative. A brilliantly written little gem that is equal part creepy with the plague of walking dead and equal parts cozy with the hot chocolate and watching the neighbor’s cat… A great short story every paranormal or horror fan would love.”

“I give Hungry Business: A Short Story by Maria DeBlassie, 5 stars. I was absolutely blown away by this story. A horror book about dealing with the undead and dating at the same time? This is such a great concept. It’s funny, but at the same time, macabre. I honestly did not expect too much in such a short story, but the author really surprised me. I could not but it down. Such a unique concept in a genre that tends to get a little stale, I hope there will be more books set I this world. I highly recommend it to those who need a quick fix of horror.”

“This book was by far the most interesting short story I’ve read in quite some time. I think it took me 30 minutes to finish it. I couldn’t stop reading. It was really that great! I don’t want to give too much away in my review, but I absolutely recommend it. The word building is fantastic. The way Maria was able to create such a detailed and complex story in a short amount of time is crazy to me. Worth every second I spent reading.”

“‘Hungry Business: A Short Story’ by Maria DeBlassie earns 5 out of 5 stars. This fun, captivating short story is sure to draw you in. It is horrifyingly relatable to anyone who has ever played the dating field and keeps hitting those foul balls. The narrator is fresh and the writing is packed with animated imagery to keep you hooked. This story is a workout; you will be using all the senses to digest this one. My only complaint is that it isn’t longer. Loved it.”

“What a book! I picked this up over a mug of tea and could not put it down. By the time my mug was empty, the book was finished and I was sat speechless and staring in awe. DeBlassie is a new to me author but she has rocked my socks with Hungry Business. A fresh take on the zombie horror that I know and love so well! Hungry Business puts you right into the story and makes you witness the zombie apocalypse from a whole new perspective. A breath of fresh air on an old theme! I loved every second!”

Looking for love can be deadly…

You know how it goes. You go out, hoping to meet someone. You wade through your fair share of brainless automatons, lifeless bodies, and ravenous undead good at passing as human.  

The more you go out, the less hope you feel and the colder your body gets.  But you keep at it. All you need is one beating heart to match your own before yours stops pumping altogether. How hard can it be to find one living, breathing human in a city full of bodies?  


It’s hungry business.

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Everyday Enchantments is a love letter to the magic of everyday life, the sweet moments and the profound, that we often overlook in our hurry to get from one place to the next. What if we had the power to unplug from our daily hustle and bustle and conjure a more profound way of living rooted in natural mysticism?

We do. All it takes is the whispered wish for more everyday enchantment breathed onto a dandelion head. This collection of essays reminds us to escape into the ordinary, find beauty in a simple cup of tea or rereading a beloved novel–and joyfully let our world turn upside down when synchronicity strikes in the form of wrong turns down forgotten lanes and unexpected midnight conversations with the moon.  

This collection of essays is a study in what it means to live deliciously, joyfully, magically. And it’s an invitation to conjure your own bliss—because let’s face it: we could all use a little more magic in our lives.

Also available at:


About Author Maria DeBlassie, Ph.D.

Maria DeBlassie, Ph.D. is a native New Mexican mestiza blogger, award-winning writer, and award-winning educator living in the Land of Enchantment. Her first book, Everyday Enchantments: Musings on Ordinary Magic & Daily Conjurings (Moon Books 2018), and her ongoing blog, Enchantment Learning & Living are about everyday magic, ordinary gothic, and the life of a kitchen witch. When she is not practicing her own brand of brujeria, she’s reading, teaching, and writing about bodice rippers and things that go bump in the night. She is forever looking for magic in her life and somehow always finding more than she thought was there. Find out more about Maria and conjuring everyday magic at

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