THE HAUNTED AND THE HUNTED Tells Unique Werewolf Tale Without Dialogue

Armed with a gun and a single silver bullet, one woman must try to survive the three-night cycle of the werewolf in The Haunted and the Hunted. Presented without any dialogue, the post-apocalyptic horror film promises to be a unique take on werewolf lore.

Watch the teaser trailer:

Award-winning playwright Lenny Schwartz makes his feature directorial debut from his own screenplay. New England indie horror staple Sheri Lee stars. Special effects artists Izzi Galindo (The Batman, True Detective) and Erminio Pinque are teaming up to bring the terrifying creatures to the screen.

The Haunted and the Hunted is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Backers have the opportunity to become involved with the production, including appearing on screen as a dead body. Other perks include producer credits, premiere tickets, and more.

“I first started writing this film in 2015,” notes Schwartz. “After refining it for years, I finally decided I had to direct it. When I met Sheri Lee, the picture was complete in my head. I have thought about it nonstop since, and I won’t stop until the premiere.”

The Haunted and the Hunted is scheduled to begin shooting this fall in Rhode Island for a 2023 release.

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