The Dream Of A Mad Scientist Has Evolved Into A Nightmare!

Jennifer will do anything to be famous. She thinks she’s gotten her big break after a night at the club lands her in bed with a producer, and the next morning he offers her a jungle adventure show.

But instead, she and her two friends are unwittingly trafficked to the Congo for a sinister purpose. A cult lives in the jungle that worships the dark legacy of Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov as they work to accomplish his insane life’s goal.

Will Jennifer escape the jungle compound, or will she fulfill their twisted vision of humanity’s future and become a broodmare to make an inhuman monster?

“Weichsel’s ability to craft intricate lore and origins is top notch. I thought I was impressed when I read Ebu Gogo, but Jungle Jitters blows it out of the water. In addition to the unbelievably creative world he has manufactured, Weichsel also weaves in a ton of information, as well as teaching us the real raw power of social media. Jungle Jitters is Weichsel’s best book yet, and I expect as he continues his craft, they will continue to get better and better.”

“Jungle Jitters by J. Manfred Weichsel is one of the most horrifying pieces of social commentary I have ever read. Weichsel pulls no punches whatsoever in this cautionary tale of the power of social media.

“First this cover is fricking amazing and looks so good in paperback on my bookshelf. This author weaves an excellent tale that had me from the start. Weichsels story telling is so unique and never fails to entertain me. This definitely surpassed Ebu Gogo and we all know how much I loved that one.”

If you love jungle adventure and horror, don’t miss this action-packed read!

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Evil Stalks The Insane Asylum!

Evil In The Form Of A Satanic Wizard!

Evil For The Inmates Who Must Stop Him!

Jonah, an inmate at a mental institution, is completely sane in every single respect but one: Whenever Jonah is frightened he turns into his alter ego, Maldeus.

Maldeus is everything Jonah is not. Where Jonah is compliant to a fault, Maldeus is out of control. Where Jonah is so nice to women that they rarely give him a second look, Maldeus is a womanizer who takes what he wants from them on impulse. Where Jonah wouldn’t hurt a fly, Maldeus is a vicious savage. 

One evening Jonah awakens from a phantasmagorical nightmare of a satanic rite in the basement of the insane asylum, only to discover that he wasn’t dreaming. Maldeus is working with his doctor to sacrifice women on a giant pentagram.

Nobody believes Jonah except for a single person: A beautiful mental patient who is a nudist and has a secret of her own of a supernatural quality.

Jonah is thrust into the middle of a diabolic plot involving occult magic, invisible men (and women), and a perverted, sex-crazed blue demon! He must keep his wits about him as he pretends to be his alter ego, because his doctor only has to perform the rite Five Maidens on the Pentagram five times, and Satan will be born!

Warning: Five Maidens on the Pentagram is a Gothic horror sex farce that is unlike anything you have ever read. It has weird sex, obscene nudity, vulgar jokes, appalling sadism, sickening violence, and blasphemous rites. It’s wild!

“I have tried to find the correct words to give this book the review that it deserves, but nothing I can come up with really portrays just how entertaining this book is and how much I absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves horror, satire, and maybe even bizarro.”

“Another weird and wonderful tale from this fabulous author.. I laughed a lot reading this the humour mixed with the twisted story had me diving through the pages.. Have you seen the awesome cover? It’s a definite purchase for the bookshelf.”

“Five Maidens on the Pentagram deserves five out of five stars!”

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